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Welcome Facilis Partners!


WHY SOUTH AFRICA?It's a Game-Changer

We took our time, searched the globe, seeking perfection, and determined that South Africa was the very best place in the world from which to service promotional product distributors.

  • English is South Africa's first languageThere are no language barriers.
  • University educatedThe South African educational system is based on the British curriculum.
  • Highest employee tenure rates Our exceptional work culture promotes high employee morale and loyalty.
  • Vetted, trained and ready to go Our reps undergo 200+ hours of industry training before they are assigned to you.
  • Working your shifts Our offices are open 24x7 and our reps are available to work when you need them.

Most Popular Roles Selected by Facilis Partners

  • Order Management Reps

    • Manage all aspects of order processing
    • Configure and manage spreadsheets for order entry purposes
    • Track and record order changes, proof approvals, shipping information, and other tasks
    • Draft and send inventory status emails
    • Manage vendor relationships
    • Perform data entry within your ERP
    • Expedite the process by securing and shipping products
  • Sales Support Reps

    • Conduct product research and presentations
    • Prepare quotes
    • Create and maintain CRM databases
    • Manage and qualify opportunities
    • Set appointments with clients and prospects
    • Create spreadsheets for industry comparisons
    • Research industry-specific sales trends
    • Conduct telemarketing and inside sales tasks
    • Convey and demonstrate your value proposition to prospects
    • Handle incoming and outgoing prospect calls
    • Conduct warm and cold client outreach
  • Customer Service Reps

    • Respond to customer inquiries & and resolve issues
    • Perform receptionist services
    • Conduct market and competitive research
    • Respond to emails, phone calls, live chat
    • Upsell your products and services
    • Provide help-desk support and conduct surveys
    • Engage with customers and prospects on social media
    • Guide customers through the sales processes
    • Process refunds, credits or discounts
    • Record and escalate customer feedback
  • Graphic Artists

    • Handle and prep artwork
    • Redraw logos, produce clipping paths
    • Produce virtual sample mockups and presentations
    • Prepare production proofs, flyers, sell sheets
    • Maintain and build brand identity
    • Collaborate with co-workers on strategic projects
    • Produce creative designs
    • Design logos, catalogs, websites, business forms, apparel, awards and more
    • Collaborate on branding requirements
  • Account Managers

    • Communicate with clients by phone, through email, and live chat to ensure their needs are understood and addressed
    • Build strong client relationships to maintain old business and acquire new customers
    • Collaborate with various internal departments to ensure fulfillment of customer requests
    • Resolve complaints and keep track of all processes that pertain to the client's requirements
    • Focus on improving the customer experience
    • Escalate client concerns as appropriate
  • Bookkeepers, A/R, A/P

    • Perform clerical tasks such as accounts receivable, payables, data entry
    • Reconcile accounts, maintain balance sheets, and handle general financial record-keeping
    • Create reports and presentations based on various performance metrics
    • Process accounts payables and payments
    • Manage and configure accounting software like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero, etc
    • Prepare financial reports using Quickbooks or Microsoft Dynamics, and others
    • Review and approve purchase orders
    • Monitor cash flow to ensure timely bill payments
    • Assist with maintaining accounting records, preparing tax returns, and preparing financial statements
    • Perform collection and billing duties

Take a listen to our exceptional team members

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200 Hours of Promo University Training

  • Facilis Corporate Trained Staff

    • Office Beacon is an official strategic partner of Facilis. If you're a Facilis Partner, this is the service for you. Our reps receive training and are certified by Facilis directly.
  • Syncore Trained

    • Office Beacon promo reps are trained on all modules of Syncore to ensure they can quickly be productive for you.
  • Promo Training 101

    • All team members go through 200 hours of intense promo training in our university-style training centers.
  • Sage, ESP, commonsku Trained

    • All our reps are trained to use the various modules in Sage, ESP, and commonsku promo product search portals.
  • Supplier Integrated

    • Office Beacon has been providing back-office support to hundreds of suppliers for almost 24 years. We are fully integrated.
    • This experience and these direct integration allow us to offer exceptional service to our distributor clients.
  • 360° Servicing

    • From cradle to grave, we'll handle your entire workflow. Details in the diagram below...

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCEWe've built a reputation through integrity and transparency with our clients.

  • Vetted, trained, and ready to go
  • US-based account managers
  • No HR headaches
  • Managed staff
  • Backup Power Generators
  • Multiple Internet Providers

DID YOU KNOW? Working with hundreds of suppliers for the past 24 years enables us to manage the entire order lifecycle like no other company. From pre-order presentations and quotes, to production orders, we can manage distributor orders faster and more accurately than any other company anywhere.


  • Office Beacon has had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom line. Being up in Seattle, it’s difficult to find the resources you need when you need it. With Office Beacon, we found a group of great employees who could work for us right away and at a very cost-effective rate.


    Mitch Mounger

    Market President @ Halo
    Formerly of Sunrise Identity

  • Office Beacon provides incredible value to our industry. They help us take the friction our of transactions, they help us become more seamless to our end buyers enabling our companies to provide better service and ultimately grow and become more profitable.


    Paul Bellantone

    Group President @ Halo
    Former President, PPAI

  • Since we’ve worked with Office Beacon, we’ve grown our revenues by over 10% year after year on a global basis, we’ve grown our earnings by more than 10% as well and frankly, our business is exploding which would not have been possible without the Office Beacon partnership.


    David Thompson

    CEO @ National Pen
    A Vistaprint Company